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Here`s what people are saying about Let's Go Driving School.

Shaun is a great instructor, I highly appreciated him teaching me. Passed first time. Thank you. 

My lessons with Shaun have been very helpful, he is very down to earth and kind. I passed first time with zero minors. I felt confident with the test, due to all the help and knolwegde Shaun gave me. Thank you. 

Thank you so much for getting me through my test. You've helped me gain my confidence with my driving. Now I can drive to McDonalds!

Great driving instructor passed first time with only four minors. 

Passed first time and felt comfrotable throughout my entire experience. Was amazing and great value! 

Thank you Shaun I really enjoyed all my lessons. I passed first time with only two minors. Thank you for the amazing job you did.  

Thank you Shaun, passed with only two minors excellent teacher. Thank you

I've had lessons from Shaun for a while and I couldn't imagine a better instructor. Shaun has made me a strong, confident driver.

Shaun is a brilliant driving instructor, would recommend him to anyone. Made me feel very confident, passed first time, thank you.

Shaun is an absolutely amazing instructor and is the main reason for me passing first time. Wouldn't have picked a nicer guy, who doesn't pressure you into results and lets you go at your on pace. Great Experience.

The loveliest instructor always kept me well informed and comfortable. Passed first time with only three minors. 

Shaun is an excellent driving teacher, the improvemnet I've made with him is outstanding. I couldn't have passed first time without him, especially with so few minors.


2 minors

Shauns teaching style personnally suited me in preperation for this test, as a result I passed first time with only two minors. Great knowledge of the road laws and local area. Great instructor. 

Shaun is an excellent instructor, who makes driving fun to learn. It was a pleasure to have our lessons. 

Shaun is an excellent driving instructor with fantastic patience and teaching skills. He helped me pass first time and I would recommend him to any learner driver. 

Passed first time, Shaun is a very understanding with errors and helped me to fix my errors. Good crack aswell. 

Passed with only one minor, couldn't have asked for a better instructor, thoroughly enjoyed my learning experience. 

Thank you Shaun for helping me pass first time with only five minors. 

Thanks you  so much for all your patience with all my silly mistakes and thanks for sticking with me. Passed first time with only three minors!


Passed first time, awesome instructor got me through in no time at all. Highly recommend! 

Thanks for helping me pass my test with only 3 minors. 

Lovely guy, if I can do it at 56 anyone can. Passed with only 2 minors.

Thank you Shaun for always being patient with me. Highly recommend. Built my confidence up and I passed with only 2 minors. Still can't believe it.

Shaun was a super instructor, as well as him being incredibly informative about what I needed to do to improve my driving, he was funny, great guy to drive with! These facts combined helped me pass first time.

I couldn't have had an instructor that made me feel more comfortable and prepared to get my test passed. 

Thank you for helping me pass my driving test first time. Could not have done it on my own, you helped me clam my nerves. 

Shaun helped me pass with only one minor, kept me happy and smiling all the way through. Never felt rushed or pressured and it was always at my own pace. Absolutly great!

Shaun is a helpful, considerate driving instructor. Would recommend, passed with 3 minors.

Thanks Shaun, great instructor. Passed with only 1 minor.

Shaun is the king of cheesy jokes! I was a very nervous driver but he really helped to settle my nerves. Especially with the test. Quailty guy, I would recommend him. Passed first time. 

Thank you Shaun, passed first time theory and practical. When I first started I put off having a lesson for 3 weeks, now my confidence has grown massively couldn't have done it without you. Over the moon! 

Passed first time 10/10 would recommend. A star instructor. 

I have had three instructors and out of them Shaun was by far the best! Passed first time, all thanks to Shauns patience. Thank you Shaun. 

Passed first time with only two minors. Definitely recommend shaun. Lovely service with lots of laughs.


Thank you Shaun for helping me pass first time. You've helped to build my confidence when driving. I couldn't have asked for a more supportive instructor. Thank You. 

Best driving instructor! Gives lots of constructive feedback, which made me feel more confident. Very Funny and helped me pass first time. Thank You 

Thank you so much Shaun for helping me get through my driving test first time. I would highly recommend. 

It's been a pleasure to be your student. Thank you for calming me down. It's been a good laugh! I would highly recommend. 

A big thank you to Shaun, for helping me pass first time. I would highly recommend as he is easy to get along with. 

Thanks to Shaun for getting me passed first time. He handled my nerves very well. Couldn't recommend him enough!

Thank you Shaun. Passed first time with 4 minors. Fantastic instructor, made learning to drive so much fun. P.S. The singing is the best bit....

Shaun is a very good instructor and has got me through my test first time. He has taught me everything I know about driving. I would highly recommend to others. 

Passed first time with only 2 minors. Fantastic instructor, would defintly recommend. Lesson were 10/10!

Thank You Shaun, really fun and easy to get on with. Helped with every probelm that I had, would recommend him to anyone. Passed with only one minor. Really Good!

Passed first time with only two minors, couldn't be more pleased with Shaun and how he got me to this point. 

Passed first time, defintly recommend, very helpful. Thanks Shaun

Passed first time with only two minors. Shaun is a very helpful instructor would definitely recommend. 

Passed with only 5 minors. A brilliant instructor who creates a freindly, relaxed environment. A very good teacher. Thank you very, very much.

Brilliant instructor and very easy to learn with. Passed with only 2 minors. I would highly recommend.

Really big thank you Shaun, not only have you helped me to learn how to drive. You've also given me invaluable confidence and driving experience. Thank you for bearing with me and helping me with any worries I had, I truely felt like nothing was too much for you. I literally couldn't have done it without you!

Passed first time with less than 20 hours of lessons. Shaun is an outstanding instructor, super friendly. Would defintly recommend. 

Very happy with the result only three minors, Shaun helped a great deal with my anxiety and got me passed with ease. 

If you want an instructor who gives you tonnes of confidence with driving as well as loads of fun along the way... along with questionable singing then Shauns you man! Cheers

Really good instructor, helped with my confidence passed with only three minors. 

Passed first time with only  5 minors, thank you to Shaun. A* job couldn’t have done it without you. Would deffo recommend. 

Brilliant instructor, very patient and good at explaining things. Passed with only two minors. 

Thank you so much. Shaun has been fantastic, totally recommend him!

Passed first time with only 2 minors. Awesome instructor and up for a laugh! 

Cheers Shaun got me through it, I enjoyed the journey. 

Thank you Shaun for helping me pass my driving test first time, your an amazing instructor and I'm so grateful for you helping me. Thank You 

Great instructor was very friendly and full of banter would recommend to anyone. Thankyou very much Shaun. 

Thanks very much Shaun, 1st time pass. Awesome instructor. 2 minors. 

Great instructor and very patient with nerves. Thank you passed first time! 

Thank you Shaun for helping me pass 1st time. Unlike your jokes your teaching is good. Always reliable and on time and really good teaching methods.  

Reliable always on time. Friendly and made me feel calm and not under pressure. Got me passed in no time. Passed with 2 minors. 

Absolutely loved learning with Shaun, he really helped build my confidence on the road especially with my manoeuvres. Highly recommend for people to learn with Shaun excellent teacher/instructor.


We’ve come a long way since the first lesson. I could never have got this far without a fantastic instructor. Thanks for everything Shaun. 

Passed with 5 minors! Would absolutely recommend to anyone, great jokes, thank you so much for putting up with me! Really great at keeping me calm and instructions were very clear and easy to follow. Thank you so much for everything! 

Brilliant experience really enjoyable and friendly! Thanks Shaun for your incredible mentoring. 

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